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Heather's Offerings

Net-Flex Yoga Online On Demand

All of Heather's offerings are now available online on demand. Check out her new subscription on demand library for free for 7 days. Click here to start your 7 day trial.

Starr Light Yoga and Sound Studio

Studio classes are available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please see the studio schedule for specifics. 

Sound Healing Massage


Book in for a relaxing Sound Massage treatment with Heather in the studio. Feel the benefits in your body and mind from the relaxing vibrations of Peter Hess®  Signing Bowls, and let the tension melt away.Couples Sound Massage appointments are available as well. Sound Massage appointments are Wednesday & Friday from 11:30 to 2pm. Click here to book in. 

The Science of Mindfulness for Mental Health

Heather's Science of Mindfulness for Mental Health Teacher Training is designed to help existing yoga teachers, school teachers, paediatric health care workers, and parents of children with health conditions, understand the science and physiological benefits of mindfulness for mental health.


This 20 hour training program teaches the neuroscience and mental health benefits of incorporating yoga, meditation, breathe work, and sound therapy into the home routine, school routine, and/or health care routine. This training has been developed to allow parents and teachers, health care workers and therefore children to feel good and function well. This training is available online where some parts will be live and other portions are pre-recorded, making it accessible for organisations and people all over the world. For more details click here

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